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Cat Litter Types w/ Pros & Cons

Updated: Aug 4, 2023

There are several different types of cat litter. Each one has its pros and cons to its use, they have different textures and each cat will have their own preference. It’s best to try them out and see what works for you and your cat. The most popular is the clumping clay litter. The cat house uses the pine litter.

Clay Litter:

Clay is the most established, most accessible, and most popular litter choice among cat owners.


Made from bentonite clay, the particles clump together to form a cement-like texture when urine is absorbed. It holds the waste together, making it easier to scoop.



  • Easy to scoop

  • Don't have to change as often

  • Reasonable price

  • Easy to find

  • Most cats like it

  • ​Lots of tracking

  • Very dusty

  • Heavy & hard to transport

  • Not environmentally friendly

Non Clumping:

Non-clumping clay is the same as clumping clay, except it doesn’t have bentonite in it. As a result, urine doesn’t form little balls, but rather it spreads freely through the litter.



  • Good with odors

  • Easy to find

  • Reasonable price

  • Most cats like it

  • Has to be cleaned and replaced more often

  • Lots of tracking

  • Dusty

  • Not environmentally friendly

Pine Litter:

Pine is taken from recycled sources; in this case, it’s either lumber scraps or fallen timber. The wood is treated to remove toxins and pollutants, and then it’s formed into either pellets, granules, or roughly-crushed pine. The pellets turn to sawdust when they get peed on and you need to sift it to clean it. You can purchase this litter super cheap at Tractor Supply.



  • Good at controlling odors

  • Good for environment

  • Very inexpensive

  • Lasts a long time

  • ​Must be cleaned often

  • Harder to scoop

  • Have to have sifting litter box or throw away pellets more often

Crystal Litter:

The litter is made of sodium silicate sand that’s formed into little beads. Each bead has pores on it that allow it to absorb a massive amount of liquid — up to 40 times its weight.



  • Very absorbent

  • Dust free

  • Good at odor control

  • Expensive

  • Not all cats like the texture

  • Not environmentally friendly

There are other types of less popular types of litter on the market. Some are very new, more expensive and harder to find. The above litter is pretty easy to find and the most popular. Ultimately your cat will make the decision on what litter they prefer.

If you are trying to transition your cat from one litter type to another, it’s best to start off by adding in the new litter a little at a time. Adding more every week or so to change the ratio of new to old litter until it is mostly the new litter type.

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