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Give an adult cat a chance

Updated: Aug 4, 2023

This is a tale of a happy ending and why you should never overlook older cats..... Sure they're not as adorable as a little kitten, but the adult cats have so much to offer.

Jamie was a bit scared at the cat house and not overly friendly. She had lots of interest because of her breed, but was always overlooked and passed by when people came to find a new friend.

This is the message we got from her new family:


Updates on "My Love". She was quiet for most of last night as she hid underneath my bed (mostly). She began following me around my room, from a distance. She likes to watch me as I'm doing things and meows for some "love". She has claimed her spot on my bed next to me.

She's so sweet!! She finally ate this morning. She refused food last night.

Her moments of being feisty is her learning to trust again. I can understand that 100%,

When I came home from work this evening, she ran up to me and greeted me with meows and purring and wanted pets/love. I LOVE her!!


Thank you so much for giving Jamie a chance at a happy life in a forever home. These are the stories that make volunteering rewarding. Volunteers put in a lot of long and difficult hours caring for these cats/kittens. It warms our heart to have these updates and know that it is a happy ending for these cats.

PLEASE consider adopting an older cat and giving them a chance at a happy forever home. In January we are offering a special adoption donation of $50 for adult cats.

Message us today to come and meet your new love or best friend.

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