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Please Help The Injured Cats

Updated: Aug 4, 2023

WARNING: sad and graphic photos in post

You can donate to help these cats at: Paypal: Venmo: @Pooler-Paws-2 Credit Card:

Update on Cinnabon 1-25-23

Found out this morning that Cinnabon has a tapeworm. That could explain her not eating well, and maybe some tenderness in her stomach, and being more uncomfortable. I'll get her meds today and hopefully she'll be feeling better soon.

These are my nightmares, I have this weird thing about intestinal worms.

Update on Cinnabon 1-24-23

Cinnabon is doing ok today. Eating a little more than yesterday. I checked her ears and they were so terrible. So much yucky gunk in them. So I put cleaner and meds in them. Hopefully that helps, has to be miserable on top of everything else she's going through. She's not able to scratch them.

Hopefully she continues to get better and better.

Update on Cinnabon 1-23-23

Cinnabon was happy to see me this morning. She wouldn't eat any food until I pet her on her back. When I stopped petting, she stopped eating. So I had to pet her. Unfortunately she didn't eat a whole lot this morning. Her hind leg on the side seems to hurt, I touched it while petting her and she didn't like that at all. She hates to take meds and has become wise to me trying to hide it. Because of the incisions, it's hard to get a hold of her to get the liquid down, then she foams and spits some out. My heart breaks for her, I don't understand how people can be so cruel. Please continue to pray for her and donate to help with her costs.

Update on Cinnabon 1-22-23

Cinnabon is doing ok. She is still so lovable. She seems to be in a little less pain. She finally pooped, I was getting worried. She's eating well and loves to look out the window.

Update on Cinnabon 1-20-23

My new foster is Cinnabon. She was shot in the leg. She had to have her front leg amputated yesterday.

I brought her home to recover. She has to be on kennel rest and wear a cone for at least 2 weeks.

She is not a happy camper tonight. She is uncomfortable and in pain. Growling at everything.

I feel awful for her. I wish there was more I could do for her.

I can't believe someone would do this on purpose to this sweet baby.


Friends of Pooler Paws, we are once again asking for help with vet bills. We previously posted the story of Willow who was rescued with a broken pelvis and damaged leg.

Thankfully, her pelvis is healing, and the leg has enough nerve activity that she can keep it. However, during this long recovery she has overcompensated with another leg which now requires surgery. Without it she will be in pain for the rest of her life.

This surgery is expensive - $3,500. It requires the services of a specialist, and cannot proceed without a deposit of $3,471.00.

Willow needs this to have a pain free life. A picture of the estimate is attached with a breakdown of the expenses.

We also have three other cats who required or will be having surgery in the next week.

Cinnabon was shot and had to have a leg amputated - $1,000

These are photos when she came to the rescue. The bone/muscle was sticking out of her leg from the gun shot wound.

The day after her amputation. The incisions and scars are huge.

Relaxing with her foster and getting a break from "the cone"

She can't eat with the cone on. We have to take it off for feeding, so she isn't able to eat/drink whenever she wants.

Sheba had to have his tail removed $1,000 Anastasia is having all her teeth removed due to severe, painful stomatitis $1,000.

At Pooler Paws we do what is best and right for the cats. All of these costs represent a rescue discount. We try to be the best stewards of the money that we raise.

Will you help us meet these expenses? The surgery for Willow is urgent. She is in pain and needs it before she develops arthritis in that leg.

If you cannot manage that then any amount is appreciated. If you can afford more then we would be thrilled! Please also tag or share with your friends and family.

Please help us help them. Donate now in honor or memory of one of your furbabies.

Thank you!

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