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Colony Cats

Updated: Aug 4, 2023

Even if you love cats, it is likely that you have shaken your head over the large colonies of feral and abandoned felines which appear around fields and dumpsters cities and towns alike.

I have read hate filled comments about them, threats made against the cats as well as the people who feed them, who trap, neuter and return them. The threats literally knocked at the back door when someone in Port Wentworth poisoned over a dozen cats and kittens in our neighborhood

Then a colony feeder in a nearby town was threatened by a man with a gun. Now, we have a beautiful cat with a gun shot wound awaiting amputation.

This is not a BLOG about the poor cats.

It is a statement that a human has gone over the top to not only kill cats but to threaten a human being.

The police are very sorry the cats were poisoned but no one expected them to sit stake out behind a kitty ridden dumpster. The threat with a gun should have been reported (IMHO) but was not. Now a cat has been shot. Will someone up the game by shooting a feeder?

I hope people will respond to this BLOG. Pass it along. Speak out. I want to hear honest opinions.

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