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If you would like to find a new loving home for your cat because your circumstances have changed or you are unable to care for them anymore, let Pooler Paws assist you. We will ensure that your cat finds a safe and secure new home, where they can continue their life peacefully, away from the dangers of the street.

You will be required to sign in to a Google account to fill out the application.

What is the Rehome Program?

We are here to help you find a home for your pet.  We will use our resources to post your pet on multiple online sites. When someone is interested in meeting your cat, we connect you to the  potential adopters to find a new home.

Where do the cats stay?

They stay with you.  Our rescues are often full and can’t take more animals.  You keep your pet while we help you to find a new home.  

What do I need to do?

• Fill out an application • Let a Pooler Paws volunteer do a home visit • You will need to send us up to 6 photos/videos (in focus, showing cat’s personality) • Give us a good description of pet’s personality and medical history • Communicate with us of any changes with cat  or completed adoptions • Contact potential adopters and set up meetings. (We will forward all possible adopters interested in your pet to you.) • Meet at Pooler Paws cat house to finalize an adoption

Where can I get my cat the shots it needs?

You can contact your local vet or to get discounted shots check out . They have a walk-in vaccine clinic, open Monday - Thursday from 1-3pm

What do you charge for this?

We ask for a donation of $ 50. Because we are a non-profit and don’t get any government assistance, we rely on donations to help the cats in need.  Pooler Paws Rehome is a way to fundraise while also helping people find new homes for their cat.  It does take a lot of time for a volunteer to post the pet on all the sites, field potential adopters, and stay in contact with the owner. 

Why do we ask for a $100 adoption donation?

If someone can’t afford a small adoption fee, they are likely to not be able to afford the cost of keeping that pet healthy.  There are lots of expenses in raising an animal. People with bad intentions seek out free pets for reasons like “live train” for dog fighting, to use as food for reptiles, to resale and make money, or abuse the animal.  If you ask for an adoption donation, they have something invested in this animal and are more likely to take proper care of it.

What if you are unable to find a new home for my cat?

We will do our best to help find a new home for your pet.  We cannot guarantee that we will be successful.  There are a lot of different factors on why your pet may not get adopted.  The time of year, lots of similar cats available, etc.  Older cats are also a lot harder to find homes for. 
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